Quite A Show!

Cindy and I had planned to attend a concert with some folks from church on a Saturday night in late August. She was really looking forward to getting to know these folks but I was really just going along to be a good sport. Unfortunately, I got the news that I had to fly to Europe for meetings that next week. I had warned her that I might have a conflict, but she was still pretty pissed about it. I really tried to offer some reasonable ideas and at one point suggested she invite Dan to go. We’d had a running joke about him being her boyfriend for a while and she’d made it clear that she was attracted to him. In fact, she had enjoyed some fantasies about getting him to **** her and told me once that if she’d met him before we were married she would definitely be “messing around.” Cindy is 48, 5' 3" tall and a very trim build.

As it turns out, she went ahead and invited him to go to the concert. His wife was also going to be out of town on business and his daughter had plans to stay with a friend. Given how she was feeling I guess it was no surprise that when I got back from my business trip she admitted, with some guilt but not a lot, that he’d ****** her several times beginning that night. Her story was something like this:

Dan came by on his motorcycle about 6:30 Saturday night and they rode to the concert. She was pretty mad at me but also finding the feel of the powerful bike and the sensations of holding onto him to be pretty arousing. They stayed for the concert but he kept flirting with her and she with him, so much that she thinks our new friends pretty much figured he’d be ******* her later. They were right! By the time they got home Cindy was really ready and invited Dan in with every intention of getting ******. He ended up having a very nice ****, a bit longer and definitely wider than mine, and he pretty much ****** her all night into the next morning. After getting into her wet **** one last time the next morning, with her on all fours and yelling into the pillow, he went home. He stayed away on Sunday, but Monday morning he was in the gym when she went, which was not unexpected, and agreed to follow her home. She sucked him off in the living room for a while then he took her to our bed and ****** her hard for another half hour.

She ended up having him come over about 3 more times, and spread her legs each time at least once. A couple of times he flipped her over and rammed her round *** from behind while she cried out loud enough for the neighbors to hear. He pretty much owns her in some ways. I can’t really get her all that horny most days, but she’s admitted on some days after I’ve tried to get her to **** me the night before she’s called Dan and spent an hour or so on her back while he pounded her into our mattress. I told her I’d love to see them **** but her reaction to that was pretty negative. She told me that making love was a very private thing and it was hard to think of having me watch her when Dan was in her. We talked about that many times and she was pretty clear I wanted to see it for myself.

One night she gave in and set it up so I could hide on the deck outside our bedroom and watch them. I don’t know what went on for the first half hour or so after he’d come over (except some obvious necking), but when they appeared in the bedroom she was topless and he was totally naked! His hard **** was pointing right at her *** as they came in laughing like little kids. Cindy just spun around and sat down on the bed in one easy motion so that his hard **** was aimed right at her mouth. Without any hesitation he just walked right up to her and she rammed her face right onto his ****. He is a wiry little guy, really, but had a good 8 inches on him and very thick. As she sucked him down I saw her glance at the window where she expected I would be watching and took her mouth almost all the way off his ****, then she rolled her eyes up in her head as she lowered her mouth all the way down his shaft until he hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little. Then she just moved her head back and forth, sliding his **** in and out of her mouth even though it looked like all she could do to stretch her lips over his shaft. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands so I could not see her eyes any longer, but I had a good view of her mouth as his **** slid in and out. You could tell she was turned on by his aggressive attitude but I was amazed when I saw her hands work up her tummy to her hard nipples and begin playing with them. As he pulled her head down onto his **** and then back, over and over, she twirled and pinched her nipples so that they grew longer and harder than I’ve ever seen them. His **** was coated with her saliva and some of it dribbled onto her chest. She ran her fingers through the spit and then rubbed it onto her nipples so they got even more enlarged. I’ve never seen them so engorged. Her right hand moved down from her **** to her crotch and I knew she was ************ as she sucked Dan and played with her ****. She can’t *** with her legs bent (odd but true) so I knew what was coming when she straightened out her legs after about 3 minutes of handwork. She had a massive ****** that forced her to pull off of Dan’s **** as she furiously rubbed her **** and pinched her nipples. She got so red in the neck and face from it that her entire upper body looked flushed and, whether for my benefit or not, she let out a series of loud groans and moans as she had wave after wave of *******.

I’d had the good idea to crack the sliding glass door open as well as one window, so in addition to the view I also could hear everything said (more or less) since I was only about 10 feet from my lovely wife and her boyfriend. That’s why I could hear her say, “Oh ****, come here, come on, oh god, come on, **** me!” Dan was so hard it looked like his **** was about to blow up. Cindy scooted back on the bed and out of her shorts and panties in one motion. They had not even bothered to throw our pillows or covers off, so she ended up on a pile of pillows as she moved backwards. This had the effect of raising her now soaking wet ***** up several inches from the bed itself. Dan moved between her legs as she very willingly spread them wide and placed the head of his penis right at the opening of her *****. I expected her to use him to ********** with, as she frequently does with me, but instead she grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them apart as far as they would go at the same time that she repeated her demand, “**** me! Come on, **** me!”

Dan just pushed that big **** all the way in and she moaned and threw her head back as he filled her up with ****. I suspect some of her behavior may have been a show for me but it was certainly hot to watch either way! She bucked her hips and raised her head up as he ****** her harder and harder. Again, she stole a quick look my way and seemed to enjoy looking my direction as she moaned and then rolled her eyes up again. She returned her attention to Dan and looked him right in the eye as she got ******. At one point she grabbed his shoulders and looked right at him as she urged him on by saying, “come on, **** me, **** me and come in me.” This was obviously a huge turn-on to him and he really picked up both rhythm and force! He also did what I cannot do, he lowered his head to her erect nipples and began sucking and biting them. I could hear Cindy groan out “oh, yes” and “harder” although I don’t know if she meant **** me harder, bite me harder or both. What became apparent fairly soon was that his increased *******, the feel of that much bigger ****, and his nipple attentions were doing more to her than she’d expected. I saw her legs begin to straighten out slowly as she let go with her hands and held his head to her breasts. Her legs remained spread, but she straightened them out so they hovered about 6 inches off the bed. As he rammed his **** into her he had to arch his back to bite her nipples, so I could easily see her stomach muscles as they clenched up in the beginning of a massive ******. This is incredibly rare when we ****, but now it was happening in a big way for her. Her tummy clenched up, her toes curled, her thigh muscles bunched, her head came up and she let out a yell as the ****** overcame her. She almost smashed his face in to her chest as she held on while *******, her chest and face turning dark red with the flush of her ******. I could see the wetness from her coating Dan’s **** on the outstroke and that must have been too much for him as he pulled his head free of her locked hands and rammed her harder than ever as he let loose with his own ******. This seemed to prolong hers, and I watched as they bucked and yelled for a full minute together. Finally he collapsed on top of her as they both tried to catch their breath. I could see sweat on his back and all over her face. When he pulled his half hard **** out of her ***** I could see it hang open, leaking his ***, since it had been stretched out so long. She lay there for a few minutes with her legs spread in my direction so, I think, I could get a good look at her puffy **** as it leaked Dan’s ***** onto our bed.

As I watched from my balcony vantage point she stretched herself and rolled over into his arms. He kissed her and rubbed his semi hard **** up and down the outside of her swollen *****. She faintly ground her hips a bit but they were just enjoying that after **** glow. I saw his **** was still hard enough that when he was on an upward thrust it popped back into her! As they lay on their sides he slowly ****** my wife another 10 minutes as she became more and more turned on. Damn if she didn’t roll over onto her back and invite him to **** her again! I watched her second pounding in less than 30 minutes until he blew another load deep in her. This time, he was done! After finally leaving about 20 minutes later I entered and told her what a wild experience that was. She was glad I’d enjoyed it but made it clear she was done ******* for the night and I’d have to wait for another day to enjoy her. She was too tired and sore to take on one more guy.
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Man, that's awesome! I would love to watch mine at least once without joining in. But she really likes two ***** so I haven't really been able to.

Hot story. Must have been really awesome to watch