A Special Thrill As I Drop Her Off And Watch Her Get In His Car.....

My wife is a petite woman,very beautiful and when she came to this country first of all got offended and upset at being stared at.                                        After we had a wonderful five years of fun with a man and that finish there was a gap of around three years before she agreed it might be fun to meet up with a new friend again.
Oh by the way,this may read like fiction but hand on heart every word is true.
I fixed up with a man I chose(very carefully) after contacting him on Adult friend Finder to approach her and try for a date or just ask her for her mobile number with the understanding he would never let on that it was set up
 The reason for the secrecy? all I will say is that there was a good reason and I figured as long as everyone concerned enjoyed the outcome  and no harm was done then I saw nothing wrong although I did feel guilty about the secrecy ,keeping my wife in the dark.
The deal was with the man he would approach my wife and try for a date...if things worked out then he would not ever inform her of the set up and also give me detailed accounts of what happened when they met.
He approached my wife after I told him where she would be in our local mall,was successful and they met. My wife after a few weeks told me about being approached and of course I encouraged her, then after nearly a month of them texting one another I took her to a point half way between where we lived in the quiet car park of a pub.
My wife was nervous, we had arrived at the pub earlier and she had a stiff gin and tonic that she had nearly finished when we saw his car pull up.
She took her time finishing her drink as he waited outside in his car then went to the ladies before we went out to the car park.
My stomach lurched as she opened the door,exchanged a few words before climbing in and as they drove off she gave a brief wave.
I was like a cat on hot bricks at home, couldn't read,watch TV or relax and in the end sent her a message asking if she was all right.
She sent back....having a meal don't know what time I will be home..

At one o'clock in the morning I couldn't help myself and rang her mobile,no reply. Then I started to worry,wished I hadn't got into the whole thing when she rang me back. It was totally silent apart from her voice, she just said she was all right and had gone back to his place.I asked her if she was coming home and she said ''Later''. ...Then I heard rustling and she giggled before cutting me off.

At three thirty I woke from a doze when she called for me to pick her up from a motorway junction and she was calling from his car as they were on their way.
When she got onto my car I could smell drink and sex,she was quiet telling me to ask any questions at home.
In the light of our lounge I could see her eyes smudged and dark,her lips were swollen and as she spoke slurred her words.
I hugged her and the smell made my **** hard instantly, she pressed her tounge into my mouth before whispering in my ear how he had ****** her non stop.
We went to bed,it was strange but my wife seemed so different,unlike herself. She was far from tired out after the sex, indeed she was still highly aroused, I led her back naked on the bed and looked at her body,
She had love bites all over her breasts and inner thighs. Her ***** swollen with puffy lips and slick with his *******,I slid my finger in a slippery warm coating.
She whispered in my ear, she told me how he had got her drunk,took her to his house,undressed her, licked her, how his **** was big,how he just kept going on and on. How the sheets on his bed were wet right through to the mattress with her ******* as I slid into her used *****.
She met him a total of six times but each meet was overnight in luxury hotels where he stayed on business and one meet was a three night stay.
When he contacted me and gave me his accounts I could see there was things my wife left out,especially how submissive she became with him, how he had her enjoying anal sex.
Next posting will be his accounts of their nights together...if anyone is interested.
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