Blue Bells


It had been raining heavily over night, but as Grandmas friendly tea-leaves had so rightly predicted it would be a hot, sunny Sunday.

After negotiating the white-knuckled, hair raising, Herculean descent to the lake side.. I sat down quietly, and started to sip, my smoothly infused, hot mug of tea, huddled beside the safety of an old tree, whilst I watched, listened and learned.

Many species of butterfly decided to emerge from their ultra modern, crystallized, mono-pod homes today, and were seen quickly flitting about the colourful, local talent, and well-tasty blue bell flowers, that were growing in profusion by the beautifully maintained lakeside, in a glorious and ecstatic extravaganza of newly found hope, pristine nervousness and carefree, diaphanous excitement.

Myriads of ELECTRONIC BLUE Damsel fly were also seen to be falling in love, flirting, and chasing each other all around the lake.

In the background could be heard tiny Revelations of Life, in all their awe-inspiring Sunday worship, with their audible faint tunes from various melodies of enchanted bird song, sung from deep within the wooded, green vespers, of their untouched, leafy-domed cathedrals, that magnificently surround the lakeside.

But above all this colourful rich tapestry of self-preservation, and patch worked scenes of lovely, pure, natural mayhem, was that amazing, awe inspiring orb, up in the sky, that kept going throughout our lives … who kept us alive, who gave warmth, from a heart filled with compassion… so near yet so far away. 


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1 Response Jun 4, 2011

beautiful! you painted a picture i could see, Thanks *smile* Grandma who reads tea-leaves... too cool!