Seeds In The Garden..

Last weekend I planted more wild flower seeds in my 2 gardens as well as little patches here and there around the house. I notices today that the wild flower seeds I planted last year below my daughters bedroom window are popping up strong. Yesterday I bought some red poppy seeds and blue and purple forget me nots. I plan on planting them next weekend. I love this time of year. I walk around my house inspecting the soil in my gardens. Looking to see what decided to peak through the soil this spring. What is coming up stronger this year as opposed to last year.
So I can look forward to turning up some soil next weekend. Making some rock walls with rocks I collect with my son. And then I have poppy and forget me not seeds to add. Love it. I'm putting up one or two bird feeders this year too after the seeds germinate. I don't want the birds to make a meal out of the seeds I put down in the garden. But it's nice to look out the windows on either side of the house and see the many birds sitting on the feeders singing and eating.
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That's awesome that you do such lively yard work. Wish I was like you. :)

Ever you planted rugged mountain wild flowers?

Yes, daliahs, daisies, mums, columbines, laurels, sedum and more. the wild flowers are stronger. And I like the natural way they all look together no matter how many different ones I add.

sounds very lovly i have lots of rock gardens and a bird feeder you just never know what strange looking bird is comming for a snack

sounds like the types of things that go on here

Nice. You have a garden?

Hi im new to this ive just made my homemade rhubarb crumble from my garden to day and organic baking potatoes nothing beats growing your own fruit and veg in your garden without all the sprays and pesticides

I've yet to do fruits and veggies. I want to. I just need more space. Exciting!

I love to plant flowers for the honey bees and the humming birds.......... I feed the birds as well........ There is a pair of cardinals that come back daily for roasted peanuts that I throw to them....... It's such a bit of pleasure to help nature take care of those who take care of us

Ilove feeding the birds too. They are so cute flying outside the window next to the flowers on their feeder.

Welcome back, :)

In California we are lucky the weather allow us to plant Roses. We have four neighbors on our block kind of competing without saying anything who has the best roses for the season. New flowers started the last two weeks I am looking forward for strong healthy flowers.

Yes roses are gorgeous. They will grow here to but their season is short lived.

It sounds like you have a gift for gardening. We're amazed this year here in Wisconsin, at how early plants are budding. I've never been into gardening but I enjoy everyone else's! When I was 12 years old, I had a job mowing a widow's very large yard. Each spring, she would take me out and make it VERY clear that I was NOT to touch any of her blue forget me knots that were spread ALL over the place in patches in her yard. It was baffling to me at 12 to understand what was so special about those little blue flowers, that looked like weeds to me, but now I know.

I'm sure her yard was beautiful. Things sprouted pretty early here in massachusetts this year too. But I was happy to get started early. It's something I really enjoy doing.