The Tempest

When the wind howls past me, ravaging me (the colder, the better), I really, truly, finally feel alive. The tears streaming from my eyes, forced by the gale, I finally know peace.
When I go to Seattle, I love to ride the ferry's at night.... listen to the wind sing through the metal railings. When there is a downpour or it is snowing it is even better. The biting cold, a roaring sea, so much snow I cannot see the sea.... is there a greater level to Elysium? Happiness is a wind battered shore, scarcely able to breathe in bouts of air between darkness and the blizzard, listening to the ice break apart on the Missouri in eastern Montana.
Sister winter, I miss you.... brother tempest awaken me. My father is the rain and my mother is the wind.... shrieking she loves me and falling, anointing my head, I know I am his.
I WILL be lost on darkened seas, thrown to the cresting waves, I will finally know love.
menschfeind menschfeind
Aug 1, 2010