You're Welcome, America

I really liked this performance. Will Ferrell was the best G W Bush on SNL! Will was part of the best cast, since the original cast, for 6 years with Chris Kattan, Chris Parnell, Cheri Oteri, Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon.

Will just did a final Bush performance, on Broadway and it was simulcast on HBO. He summarized W's life leading up to the presidency as just stumbling through every step of the way, which is pretty much how we all see W. Discussed all his mistakes, how Karl Rove drove his decisions and the media. All about both elections being stolen. How overwhelmed and unprepared he was for the presidency. His lack of action on 9/11. His ignoring New Orleans after Katrina, then from Alabama, saying "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie."

The audacity of this 8 year presidency got somewhat diffused with Will's performance. He picked on a guy in the audience periodically and got even more laughs. The "Secret Service" agent on stage did little interludes each time Will did costume changes. It kept progressing, until he finally break danced to the music and lost all composure. While "W" was waxing nostalgic about missing his cabinet, a Condie Rice dancer came on stage to "I keep forgetting (we're not in love anymore)" by Michael McDonald and freak danced W. That was, I think, the funniest part of the show.

In a poignant moment that America would have liked to see really happen, our president (Will Ferrell) acknowledges all the casualties of a pointless war he created. The lives lost on both sides got a moment of silence from the actor and the entire house. But being a comedian, he lightened it all up again with the red "Batphone" ringing as he tentatively went to answer it. Thankfully it was a wrong number, because what if it was from the Pentagon asking permission to send out our nukes or worse, that nukes were heading toward America. He says "That scared the **** out of me, I thought it was gonna be God calling!"

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I got some people into SNL after I put the skit of Dana Carvey and him going hunting as the Bush's. It is still one of my favorite skits after Eddie Murphy's take on Mr.Rogers.

HBO is rerunning it several times daily probably this whole month. It'll probably be available on dvd to rent, eventually. And HBO tends to rerun their own productions at intervals. So if you miss it now, it'll be on a bunch of times again in a couple of months.<br />
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I didn't really to an accurate review as I felt kinda crummy physically) the last few days but it was pretty funny and aggravating at the same time. It is an outlet for our frustrations. Will does such a great impression of W, you can suspend disbelief and imagine it is really Bobo on stage. The guy he picked on in the audience threw his shoe! Even though he was an actor and part of the cast, it was believable!

Will has to be one of the BEST to have come from SNL. I really want to see that. I saw it was opening about 2 weeks after I was in NY. Thanks so much for the great write up about it Qaz!

I hope HBO is going to air it again, meant to record it and forgot.<br />
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Never watched much after the original cast but have enjoyed Will and Molly's movie work.