Why I Love Will

Since I can remember I have been a Will Smith fan! OK here's my story: At the age of 7 I lost my dad in a hit and run accident and since my life has never been the same. Don't get me wrong I've had some awesome times, but I haven't really gotten over my father's death. He use to wear the cowboy hats and boots like Will does in Wild Wild West and he reminds me so much of him. I've been a little depressed lately and Will movies is the only thing that can make me truly smile besides my son! I watch him every night! When i'm in a store and see one of his movies I don't have I automatically put into my shopping cart:) My husband is a little jealous of him but he'll get over it lol. I love and has watched all his movies expect MIB3:( Had plans to go see this past weekend but things didn't work out. I cried all day Friday because I wanted to see my Will(no offense Jada)! I love him sooo much and I hope he continue to do great things and keep entertaining us and keeping it real as always! O yeah the slap and the comment after that was HILARIOUS!! My only wish is to meet you in person:) Thank you for sharing your talent and everything else you have given us. I LOVE YA WILL!!!
JoannBigWillFan JoannBigWillFan
18-21, F
May 27, 2012