Will Smith

I love Will Smith. He is a really great actor. He is sooo hot too!! In every movie he has ever made he was a character with a great personality, and thats what i love. i found out about Will by my older brother mike. mike said he has a cd he wanted to show me that i might like. it was Big Willie Style obviously by will. i listened to it and loved it. i started reseaching about him and learned everything there is to know.  My brother then told me about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and now i have every episode recorded on my t.v. <3 I did three projects on him and i am soo deicated to him his music and movies. i have every movie he has ever made except bad boys 1 & 2 cause my mom won't let me watch it yet. I LOVE WILL SMITH !!! If you love will smith you should look up Kids Choice Awards and do the voting on the website because he is in it for movie actor and i want him to win sooo badly. KCA is on march 20th @ 8 on nick.

poohbear1201 poohbear1201
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009