Amazing Guy

I went to see him on the 12th Feb in the Vortex at the royal exchange in Manchester!

I loved it so much, he really made the character come to light in my eyes! he is a brilliant actor!
I felt like i was in a dream as i never thought in all my years i would ever get to see him up close! i wish i was closer to him than i was i was in row G but i couldnt believe it! i still cant!
It has always been an ambition to see him perform whether it be singing or acting n now i have!!!

I have always thought he was amazing ever since pop idol i knew he had the staying power and the talent he deserved to win!

Oh n i do think he is ******* beautiful all i wanted to do was stroke his pretty face when i saw him!!

loves loves loves!

sazead sazead
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2007

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As long as you have a dime, they will keep talking to you. And, just like a pay phone, when the dime runs out, the conversation is over.