Not a Role Model?

I saw where someone said that Willie wasn't a very good role model. Sorry but I have to disagree. He has done pretty much what he wanted to do with his life. And is still doing it, despite the legal problems he has had.

He loves to sing & tour and play music. And that's what he's doing. What's wrong with that? So maybe he smokes a little pot, or drinks a little. It's his life. And there are worse role models out there. Micheal Vick for one.

I've lived my life on my terms too. And had my share of legal setbacks. Although none where drug or alcohol related. But I'm still tattooing, still ride a Harley, still have long hair, and still making a good living. And going to work everyday is still a thrill after 38 years. It's never boring, that's for sure.

And the Red Headed Stranger album is probably my favorite from him.




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I love your stories and comments. Funny stuff.


I have followed Willie for yrs. and I think hes a good role model. Yes, he does smoke a little pot but hes also been busted for this on the road and the kids realize this too. I will have to agree with you. Theres much worse drugs nowadays than some pot.

I totally agree with you! I think Willie Nelson is a terrific role model. He's worked hard not only as a recording artist, songwriter, and actor, but also as an activist. He's done a lot of great work fighting against animal abuse, namely the abuse and slaughter of horses. He's supported NORML for years and he's also really into the use and development of biodiesel fuels. Let's not forget the work he's done to help people through FarmAid concerts and UNICEF benefits too! He's a great artist and a hell of a man, in my opinion.<br />
BTW, if you love Willie and want a huge laugh make SURE you buy or rent "A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All" from last year. He's in it as one of the three wise men bearing gifts of, ummm, well, it aint frankincense! <br />
One last thing...His Stardust album is so beautiful it makes me weep. We played many songs from it at my mom's memorial service, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Willie! Still around. Still singing! And i'm still listening.