I have a sexy **** tease of an aunt back when I was around 15 or so my aunt was 40ish she was a tan, with a nice big *** you would just want to bury ur face in, b cup breast. One day at the cottage we go swimming and she headed off earlier and i stayed around till everyone had gone, i went into her room and stole some of her dirty undies out of the pantry and smelled them as hard as I could the smells drove me crazy as did the dry white *** stains she had left behind, I also loved to wear my aunts panties while I *********** in them. I finally get to the beach and shes asking me to go for a swim with her, i agree and go in we swim to a floating dock and i get up on first since im younger and faster, she seems to struggle which is a huge advantage to me since her tinny perky b cup breasts are so small her bikini top was too big so as she struggled i had a great clear view of her tan breast with very darker colored, cold sticking out nipples which drove me crazy her nipples seemed to be very darker of a shade which caught me off guard.
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18-21, M
Dec 13, 2012