I think I am hooked on these guys...I mean I just want to read and watch Dean and Sam all day and all night. It's just all about them. I just love the way they love each other, so truly and unconditionally. I wonder sometimes if the actors who play these roles ever read the stories. Their real lives must be totally different from what they show on-screen.

I don't know how the stories make me feel. I am not really turned on because since this addiction took over, I haven't really had much sex with my partner. When we do, I feel like I am in the stories, like I am Sam. I even caught myself moaning Dean's name once. Luckily I caught myself in time and only thought it.

It's good to know true love is still around, though it's between brothers and wrong.

ssythea ssythea
31-35, F
Feb 12, 2010