Feeling Vine

When we remodeled our kitchen we added a wine rack into the cupboards. In it we put all the wine we have collected since we met. We came home from our honeymoon with at least a couple cases. We live in a very prominent area for wineries. My favorite thing to do in the fall is drive down the country roads near our home with the windows all down. Breathing in the aroma of grapes and savoring the moment. One of my favorite wines is  made by our local winery. It is called Niagara. Taste just like the way grapes smell. Love to end my day with a glass of wine and a smile.
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8 Responses Dec 12, 2007

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Yum, I hope to be bottling some Niagara soon. I can't wait. Hopefully, I'll be able to get up that way and do some tasting this year. :-)

Nice! I am making a Niagara this year. I hope it turns out well :-) CHEERS!

I love the Niagara wines--and you are right--tastes just like white grapes--I love to go to the wineries--a little over two hours from where I live--go try the wines--enjoy the views--went last fall--had a great time. Out in Geneva, NY--great wineries--great people.

i love it red wine and cheese yum. we can get it cheap but it's not nasty . my son can't afford to pay board so brings in a ouple of bottles nw and again

I am a red wine lover, have about 1-2 glasses every night, it is a great antioxident and good for the heart, don't know where my life would be without red wine, you are so lucky to live near a winery, I'm afraid if I did I would drink it all the time!

Sounds like a great place to be around and relax with. Wine is my drink since I hate beer.

I really have no clue ,as to a good wine. I've only had a glass or three, of different types, red , white, all were kinda bitter.<br />
when I turned 18 we toasted with a red wine, which was somewhat sweet, and for the life of me , I do not recall the name, or type.<br />
<br />
~~wine impaired~~