Enjoy It On A Nice Occasion.

Even though legally I am unable to drink it in the United States, I have had samples of wine and enjoy it from time to time (especially with Italian meals...mmm). There is something very elegant and sensual about wine that makes it appeal to me. Whether it be the color, the way it smells, the glass that it is in, or the way it complements the food, it is superb. Although I like white wine, I do enjoy red wine more. I'm not sure why this is, it just seems to have a sweeter taste going down :). Being a Catholic I have had my fair share sips of wine growing up. I love kosher wine and I, for the life of me right now, cannot remember what kind of wine that Catholic church uses, but it was delicious!
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SHhhh! lol... I don't ever buy alcoholic beverages, don't have a fake I.D or anything else like that :P. Gosh, trying to get me into trouble! And good cheap wine is hard tom come by ;) hehe. You're lucky :D

Aydasha5.. You wrote, "When I try and pick out a bottle of wine at the local store it's all cheap and well, nasty!" How old did you say you were? lol! Just checking! :P But yeahh, you need to buy good wine but goshhhhhhh here they have good wine for under $10! But of course they make expensive wine here but wine here is cheap! :-)

Haha You're lucky alwaysclassy. When I try and pick out a bottle of wine at the local store it's all cheap and well, nasty :P. I tried a wine one time that left my arm feeling numb and my throat screaming for water lol. It was HORRIBLE :P. <br />
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Ah, you are lucky stevester. Being able to drink wine at the age of 18 would have been excellent. I love your choices in wine :). Most of them I have not tried, but now I am excited to adventure further and find a wine that I absolutely love. <br />
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Thanks for your comments! ^.^

I love wine too so this stroy kinda just jumped on the page. I drink mostly red wine but i do love certain whites. Mersault and Sancerre being 2 of them. I started drinking semi sweet german wines 30 yrs ago but as i got older I found my tastes got drier and drier and now i love big reds like Rioja, Pomerol and Italian wine like Amarone and Barolo. Also didn't have to wait till 21 to drink. Legally at 18 but I started before that.

Hah I like wine too. I live in wine country and we have a few dozen bottling plants and equal wine tasting rooms and loads of vineyards. But unfortunately I'm not 21 yet either.. butttt it has a way of making its way to our house. Sometimes we have it before dinner but i don't get it all that much, but enough to know what kind i enjoy. I like both white and red, but prefer the simi-sweet versus simi-dry, but both are really good! :-) Oh yess, i agree there's something very elegant and sensual about wine and when it's served it served with distinction versus.. hey bud here's your beer. lol! Or mix drink for that matter. I love the smell too. Thanks for sharing your thoughs on wine. I really like how you wrote it. Here's to more wineeeeeeee!!! :-)