This Red Was Pure Pleasure

While I love dry white wine the best for personal enjoyment, this red wine was an experience to be remembered. A few years ago we hosted a French foreign exchange student, who brought hostess gifts for us. One gift was two bottles of her family's vinyard labeled red wine. While I do not remember what kind of wine it was or the vinyard's name, I remember the exquisite taste of the wine. It was full-bodied and fragrant and it filled your mouth with a delight, not just a taste of wine. As we enjoyed the bottle the experience increased in enjoyment with every sip. The aftertaste of the wine stayed in your mouth that made the experience linger long after you  drank the last of it. It was an incredible evening of pleasure. Would I love to experience it again, the answer is yes. If I never have the opportunity again, I am totally satisfied to have had it once in my life.
slady47 slady47
61-65, F
Aug 4, 2010