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"Cabernet Or Pinot?"

I rarely drink any alcoholic beverage these days, but occasionally I do like a Pinot Noir or Cabernet  Sauvignon.

Years ago, I was a musician, a drummer, and I used to jam with other musicians almost daily, even though I had a "day job".

One time, I was at some friend's "factory" home, a huge storefront and an area in the back  that used to be some kind of factory, on Mission near 14th Street in San Francisco.

We had been jamming for a while.....they were 2 guys who lived together and made hanging circular beds.....Grace Slick bought one of their beds.

Anyway, we had been playing for an hour or two and smoking some "bud" and I asked if there was any more wine, because it had tasted pretty good and my glass was empty.

"Sure, man", one of them said, "just go into the kitchen and help yourself".

I had no idea what kind of wine it was, but as I came into the kitchen, I saw an open gallon bottle of  Red Mountain Burgundy.  and I was a little disappointed, because these guys were wine connoisseurs, and I didn't even know that they drank that crap.

But, I was stoned, and thirsty, so I picked up the huge bottle of cheap red wine and poured myself a glass-full.

I went back into the factory area and we began playing music again.

I was sipping the wine, not expecting it to be very good; but it actually tasted pretty good, surprisingly so, in fact.

I finished my glass and told them that it was the best  Red Mountain  I'd ever had.

"Red Mountain?", one of them asked.

"Yea, I went into the kitchen and poured a glass-full from that big gallon jug of Red Mountain, which had no cap on it".

They both immediately started laughing............."That's not the wine we drink, that's the jug of wine we use to kill flies...they love it, they fly into it and drown themselves.....that jug is full of dead flies"

I guess I was lucky there weren't any dead flies in the glassful I drank, ....or were there?
goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 2 Responses Sep 16, 2011

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That is HYSTERICAL. I love PINOT NOIR; the Oregon brands are some of the best. So, you're "Lord of the Flies" !!!

What a great story/memory... and thanks for the helpful hint for what to do with Burgundy LOL... there is nothing like Cab... smooth and mellow... mmmmmmm...