The Alcohol And Her Taste

Behold, I sweetly ravage your slave and sustain her pleasure.
Save yourself some divinity that I may expel her worth.
My heart intoxicated with the alcohol of her lust.
ladyryan ladyryan
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13 Responses Dec 12, 2011

you make me want to buy a nice bottle of wine!

Wow! I don't drink, but I'd love my heart to be intoxicated that way... and have her heart intoxicated with my lust for her, as well. It's a mutual thing best experienced as a two way street between both parties.

You don't drink? That's a first. You should try a sip or two. It's never been bad.^^

That depends, LR. Thought it's rare, every once in a while I'll have a glass of wine or even a beer if that's what you're talking about. Now if you mean intoxicated with the alcohol of a woman's lust... now that's a story for another time, my friend.

Nice desc<x>ription, are you sure this is about wine, or something else, lol


what ????

LOL! ha ha

I'm delighted you have a wonderful sense of humor.

LOL! Thanks. It just came out to be so funny. I enjoyed that.^^

Swooned by your words. Well said Lady Ryan.

Aha han~~ Thanks King!^^)

I never could quite get next to Saki, but the Japanese make some good beer.

Same here, been here for a long time but not much into Sake, beer is suites womens taste (asians).

I have to admit that when I drink wine I am incapable of such poetry.

Ha ha That was cute Rocky. And I wasn't even having anything when I came up with it.^^

I had to come back and read it again. I still love it. Lol

That's so sweet of you Mewold.Thanks (#^-^#)

Ha, ha, ha. And so do I..... mewold winks 3 times and starts druling.....

Oh my! Slurr-r-rp slurr-r-rp ! ^-^

The wine mellows us out and your prose keeps things spicy.

Oh my, Mewold !! Thanks for reading, and you're a spice.

Nicely put dear !

Oh my, thanks Chris !! **big smile**

One of the reasons I enjoy the sensual taste of a bold red wine. Such beautiful prose, thanks for sharing.

Hunter, so kind of you to comment to my story. Thanks.

I like it! Makes me want to grab a wonderful red! Come on over, I'll share.

Thanks Amoruss. Red is always great.