Moscato Mania?

When at my local liquor store, I enjoy browsing the aisles - hoping to find something different. I did just that on my last trip. I came upon a variety that I have had before (moscato - from the muscat grape). What intrigued me was the origin of this particular wine - from of all places, Romania! The price was right too - under $5 (U.S.).

I can only imagine what most people are saying - "Cheap Romanian wine? What are you thinking?" I was dubious too, but figured I would try it anyway. After all, I would not be out that much if it was horrible.

While the wine aficionados will likely not give this an International gold medal, it turned out to be a perfectly fine everyday wine. It was slightly sweet (but not overly so) with very fruity flavors. The name of the wine was Dreambird Moscato.

I'm not saying this will be to everybody's liking. If you like to experiment with different wines though, and are open-minded enough not to be put off by the screw cap and cheap price, I recommend giving it a try.
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You have to wonder how they do that. ($5 in the U.S. all the way from Romania). Moscato here in Croatia sells for $3 at the winery and you supply the bottle.

I worked at the liquor mart for some time. A liquor gig, I call it. I provide samples for the customers depending on what beverage they want me to advertise. I've tried so many varieties already... from wines to liqueur to spirits to beer. I agonized at beer samples because I need to try them out and let the customers know what they taste like. And faerie is not a fan of beer.<br />
Anyway, Moscato is a good wine. It's on the sweeter side so it's yummy for me. Did you know that depending on where the grapes come from, the taste of the wine varies, even if they have the same variety? Not only because of the alcohol content but because of the climate, the soil, and even the barrels they use. It's a learning experience for me to have worked there.

This is very interesting. I have also heard that if the grapes are cultivated in a region populated by Muskrats that the flavor is even more intense. Something to consider.

Actually, I did know about the variation in taste based on location; but only because I took a wine tasting course. I believe they refer to that characteristic as the "terroir".

With the muskrats running around... faerie would call that "terror"! x p

I am not much of a connoisseur, mainly because I am lazy and forget what I like half the time. I know what I am allergic to so I avoid that, but that's about it--I mostly stick to what I know.<br />
However, I have seen this "Moscato" and I have often wondered. Between you and me--it's embarrassing--I always think of muskrats (never considered that it was a grape--just a place where muskrats live), so I have always passed it by. I mean, have you ever seen one of those things? I have, and I don't want to repeat that experience.<br />
But ba<x>sed on this story, I will try it. I thank you for encouraging me to step out of my wine tasting comfort zone and try something new.

The muskrat grape? Hmmm. Think I'd probably shy away from that too...