Toxic Port

Of all that I've known, from Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, nothing beats Port. Port gives wine drinking a brand new meaning. For some reason, I prefer wines with higher alcohol content as it does make drinking more pleasurable and exciting. One of the great enduing myths about Port is that it is guaranteed to cause a hangover. The reason is pretty simple.
Embark now on a glass of Port and the mixture becomes even more toxic, guaranteeing a throbbing head in the morning. The next day your memory is of the last drink spotted at the scene of the crime, and so it is Port that gets the blame.
I do have my regrets:(
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Drinking Port-wine is fastest way to turn you into alcoholic as they add pure alcohol to bust amount of % of alcohol in it.

I like drinking non-sweet stuff in large quantities - best buzz ever! Try a bottle of good sauvignon blanc - no older than a year, served ice cold.

I tried port wine, it is strong for me but then a glass of white wine is enough to give me a buzz . I drink so I can sleep good, it shuts off your brain to oblivion. I love rare wine , Petalos 2006 from Spain. It is hard to find. Can't find it in ABC here in FL. When I was in Portland Or. I only found it in one wine distributor. For now, I keep on trying different wines between 3 to 5 sweetness rating out of 10. I am price conscious too, expensive does not mean it's good. <br />
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I hope I can find a wine tasting place here in Orlando or nearby cities. I just like the coziness and the directness of wine tasting in Cinetopia in Vancouver Wa. I miss Willamette Valley wine tasting too.<br />
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Why not incorporate wine tasting in Universal city walk cinema? maybe on the second floor. Oops way off the grid..I finished my glass. Good day all.

LOL :) I know that feeling. But it is worth. I mean, wat is an headache compared with the pleasure of tasting Port? Now seriously, I drink Port many times and not always get drunk. <br />
Schatzchef is right but there are several kinds of Port, some of them are not that sweet/strong and there are also dry Port wines (that few people know) :)<br />
My favorite Port (anda I have to admit this although I don't think the expensive wines are better) is the Taylor's Vintage Red Porto from Douro, Portugal. <br />
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I always found Port too sweet and strong for my taste.