Can You Say Wino?

I started drinking wine once a week at lunch with some girls I used to work with. One glass a week. After first hubby opassed away the wine consumption grew. After 2011 and my husband and I lost are jobs and our house is up-side-down, I started drinking more, hence no work, to buffer the drinking time.
The more bitchin, the more drinking.
I now find myself drinking wine early in the day. I know there is a problem. But, I'm afraid to quit. BAsically I quit smoking almost four years ago, and trhe motto is. NOPE Not one puff ever. Which is fine, I really don't want to smoke anymore, but wine. Oh, I find it hard to see my life without not even a few sips, but I know it would have to eventually be NOSE Not One Sip Ever. I think That is what gets me. I love red wine.
schatzchef schatzchef
46-50, F
1 Response May 3, 2012

Sorry to hear about your first husband - you should find a support group so you can talk to others who have also gone through it. I know one person who's been through it and her drinking increased significantly. It's great that you quit smoking and please avoid any drugs, including presc<x>ription drugs like tranquilizers or anti-depressants. Alcohol is only classed as a major killer 'cause they include drunk driving - never drive even after a glass of wine or anything the night before. With regards to drinking early, don't feel guilty if you do, but an easy way to combat it is to get a gym membership and go in the morning and evening or do some other exercise if you can't afford it. Hang on to your house if you can - the economy works in 20/21 year cycles and therefore the market should boom again after 2015.<p></p>