Two Great Sweet Wines

I don't like a dry wine nor a bitter one. Me and my siblings are the same way with wine and we finally came across a good brand that makes a white and a red that are not dry or bitter. The brand is Risata . The white is called "moscato de asti" and the red is called "il Rosso sweet red" These are imported wines from Italy that are considered young wines and late harvest. They freeze the grapes at harvest and control the fermentation in a stainless steel pressurized tank. they call the style "frizzante" They say it is a unique process that they use. All I I know is that it is sweet and delicious, and very affordable at 15 bucks a bottle.

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Well, I like red, white, dry or not, since it is a good wine. Talking about sweet. Have you tried Port Wine? I think you would love it. You hardly find something sweeter than this :) its yummy.<br />
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cool, will have to check that out, Thanks.