Stronger Wines Are The Best

Hi everyone! :) I'm new here and I already love this :) Yes, I love wine no metter what kind, I love it. But my favorite is Red Wine. Nothing compares to it. The colour, the smell, the velvet touch...
I've tasted many kinds of wine and can not point just one I love (especially because here, in Portugal there are to many high-quality wines at great prices). But I've noticed something curious: a Red Wine with, at least, 14% of alcohol is almost always good.
Don't you think?

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1 Response Jun 19, 2012

I actually prefer white wines myself, but being Portuguese, I'm sure you drink a lot of port. In terms of reds, I do really like port.

Well, I donĀ“t drink a lot of it. Lol. Just in especial ocasions. But something like once in a month perhaps :)
What kind of white do you prefer? More or less dry?
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