Stronger Wines Are The Best

Hi everyone! :) I'm new here and I already love this :) Yes, I love wine no metter what kind, I love it. But my favorite is Red Wine. Nothing compares to it. The colour, the smell, the velvet touch...
I've tasted many kinds of wine and can not point just one I love (especially because here, in Portugal there are to many high-quality wines at great prices). But I've noticed something curious: a Red Wine with, at least, 14% of alcohol is almost always good.
Don't you think?

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HI :) My favorite brand of Porto is, no dout, Taylor. Taylor's Vintage is THE wine, if you know what I mean ;) <br />
You seem to be interested in Port wine. What is you favorite brand? Have you tried taylor's vintage?<br />
"Real Casa Velha Vintage 2001" is a fenomenal Port wine too.<br />
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I am interested in all types of wines. I may not like them, but I will always give them a try. I have a bottle of Port that someone brought back from Portugal. I don't remember the brand. I will have to check when I get home. What do you like to have with your Port?

That depends on the type of Porto. I only had Taylor's Vintage twice (because it is a kind of rare and expensive to...) And it was just the wine.
But, usually, I like Port wine after the meal as a digestive drink. I also like to take ir with nuts/dried fruits or with strong cheese :)
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I have the Borges Coroa.

Is it the Vintage 2005? If it is, is an excellent wine. If not, it is a good wine too :)
If it is the Borges Vintage 2005 you should really keep it for a special ocasion ;) Very good wine.

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Since you are from Portugal, what is your favorite brand of Port (or Porto)?