I Am Not A Wine Snob

I love wine. I love all types of wine. The wine I might choose to drink depends on a few factors: the weather, what I am eating, or the mood I am in. There are a few matches that I am particularly fond of, however...

A very cold French Riesling with brie on a baguette, on a hot day at the beach

A fragrant California Red Zinfandel with pizza, while sitting in front of a fire

A buttery Chardonnay with buffalo chicken salad (puts out the fire so nicely)

A full bodied Cabernet with a grilled steak anywhere, anytime

A Pinot Blanc with cheese fondue in autumn

An intense Pinot Noir all by itself, well maybe with a little Comte cheese

A Sauvignon Blanc with grilled chicken and veggie kabobs on a summer night

A Shiraz/Syrah with lamb chops in the dead of winter

What are some of your favorite matches?

3ofWands 3ofWands
51-55, F
2 Responses Jul 14, 2012

I like an Alsatian gewurztraminer with spicy Thai or Indian food.

Ohhh those all sound so nice... I'm not at all a wine expert but you nailed some of the best combinations. I also love a good Argentinian Malbec with a grilled steak fresh off the BBQ. Ahhh...

That's only when I'm realllll lucky. It's rare. And when I'm out of boxed wine.......