Newbie to the Wine Life

I have just experienced the pleasures of tasting wine, and enjoying it the last two months. My partner in love, is a manager of a local winery. I have only tasted wine that has been made my the owner of the company. I believe there has been 12 different flavors I have tasted. They all have been very good, and very different. The one that I drank was really good, I am not sure what flavor it was, but it left a taste of walnuts in my mouth. I like it. I believe my favorite so far, is cranberry, although the plum is really good. As my journey through the wine life grows, I will keep you updated on what I like.

korky korky
31-35, F
2 Responses Jun 21, 2008

I would be interested in knowing the brand of wine he sells, and if it's available here. Guess I'll go ask him. Thanks for posting this...

I wasn't a wine drinker until the last year or so. And, I would have to say I was missing something by not giving it a good try earlier. My favorite is a good Pinot Noir or Cab..