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Red Wines.....can We Discuss Your Favorites?

I have loved Pinot Noir even before the movie Sideways was released...funny so many other people told me to see that movie, and then when I did I truly identified with the Paul Giamatti character.

I had no idea that Pinot Noir grapes were so fussy, but I also shunned Merlot, and felt particularly self-righteous in my opinion that it was an inferior wine.

Anyway, I think that this forum would be a good venue for sharing wines that we like.  I am a true believer that wine can be good and doesn't need to be expensive.  I have had many good yet inexpensive wines....

I would be interested in hearing what everyone is drinking, and we can be specific....that way we can share our knowledge and improve our wine drinking experience.

ginger1979 ginger1979 41-45, F 25 Responses May 17, 2007

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Two of my favorites currently are Robert Mondavi Merlot and Red Rock Merlot

I like Pinet Noir too but it's not my favorite.<br />
My favorite White Wine (now) is "Quinta do Camarate" and "Defesa Reserve White Wine" - simple love them and they are cheap! Defesa is produced in Alentejo, Portugal. And Portugal has many great inexpensive wines.<br />
<br />
From Red Wines I can't say just one, because there are so many, so good (and red ones are my prefered) but I can point: "Quinta d' Avidagos Reserve"; "Adega Cooperativa de Borba Alentejo"; and "Grão Vasco Alentejo" (this one is strong but pretty good wine).<br />
<br />
And last, but not least, Port Wine - well, there is nothing like a Taylor's Vintage Port Wine, right?<br />
;)<br />
<br />
______<br />

I drink the cheap one, becuse I like it and I tend to drink often. I love Merlot and cab, but also once in a while Shiraz, and pinot Noir too.

Columbia Crest is one of my favorites for a cheapish wine. The Grand Estates Merlot 2004 was pretty good and I always snap that up if I can find it.

my parents like this stuff called chocolate box. It's a red wine so I'm not sure where it got it's name because it doesn't taste like chocolate

Jack London Kenwood Cab, yum.

I like wine making at home. I am not quite profecional but i'd like to have good information for making excelent red wine at home .I think it is an excelent hobby. I do not like too much drinking.I enjoy it on a nice occasion.

Ahhhhh but have you tried a White Burgandy?

I love a good Syrah, or Shiraz if you are shopping wines from down under (Australia/NZ) - they are the same grape, though decidedly different in style than a Northern Rhone, or Central California Syrah. Sadly, there are very few good Syrah's out there. In 2008 I made my own Syrah with grapes from the WhiteHawk vineyard in Santa Barbara County of California. We just bottled it after 22 months in 50/50 French/American oak barrels. I'm very excited about how well it turned out, and think it has good potential for a long cellaring. <br />
<br />
<br />
Some of the Winemakers I like who are producing world class Syrah's:<br />
<br />
California:<br />
- anything produced by Pax Mahle (Wind Gap Wines, Agharta)<br />
- Bonny Doon<br />
- Arnot-Roberts<br />
- Edmunds St. John<br />
- Qupe<br />
- The Ojai Vineyard<br />
- Peay<br />
<br />
France by region:<br />
Côte Rôtie:<br />
- Guigal<br />
- Domaine George Vernay<br />
St-Joseph:<br />
- Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné<br />
Crozes-Hermitage:<br />
- Alain Graillot<br />
- Delas Frere<br />
Cornas:<br />
- August Clape<br />
<br />
But, I love other varietals as well depending on the occasion, setting, etc.<br />
<br />

For me as long as it is Italian, Red or White, then it is fine. Italy is the second largest wine producer in the world apparently. I like Valpolicella for quaffing but a good quality Barbera is good for meat dishes. At the end of the day, it is all down to personal taste buds I think.

2008 Ménage à Trois Red (Folie A Deux Winery)<br />
PRICE - $12 PER BOTTLE<br />
<br />
This red is one of my favorite wines just to sit and enjoy. It is a blend and has a beautiful fruity flavor. Goes with many foods and I often take it as a host/hostess gift because it is so palatable.<br />
<br />
I also love as many above pinot noir. A good but inexspensive one (about $10) we sometimes enjoy is called Rare Bird, has a lovely lighter color and even goes well with turkey!

Why would you shun a Merlot when it is the basis for all good wines?<br />
<br />
What about the good French wines? All the Chateau's de......?<br />
<br />
Aren't they some of the best wines in the world?<br />
<br />
<br />

Marquis de terme, another second chateau from Margaux, Andre Roux's Terres de Pape and Rioja

Perhaps unique in this group, but I enjoy the smokey flavor of certain merlots and cabernet sauvignon.<br />
<br />
The tannis, for me, has become a problem. However, the Pinot Noir I have tried are too....."delicate?".....for my enjoyment.<br />
<br />
Yes, I am just a big brute (pardon the pun) when it comes to my wine.

freeespirit, 7 Deadly is my favorite old vine zin as well. Then, I love pinot noir, then Cab. Merlot is too grapey. The sweet Hataras red mentioned above is a great one from muscadine grapes. <br />
<br />
I read a neat story once that some kind of bug was killing off all the grapevines in the world and the muscadine grape did not get "sick" and that all vines today are grafted onto muscadine roots.

Any pinot noir from the south island of New Zealand is amazing,in particular the Otago region. Otherwise a good Merlot from Margaret River, Western Australia,such as Mad Fish, is a good option if you want something cheaper.

It's the strangest thing, I just can't drink wine, it gives me terrible heartburn! It must be too acidic...

I'd like to try that one.

Marques de Caceres,a Spanish Rioja. As smooth as they come. Even people who don't drink red wine like this one.

There are a lot of good Merlots out there, but overall I find Merlot a little too raisin-y for my taste. I prefer Pinot Noir, and have been enjoying Smoking Loon Pinot from Calif. this summer. The 2005 is better than the later vintages, but it's getting harder to find.<br />
<br />
I like the way you describe Australian reds as "fierce," ozoyster! That's so apt for many of them! But it's that fierceness that I really enjoy with hearty, spicy foods, such as Mexican or Italian. Wine and food pairings are a blast, aren't they?

I've always liked the very sweet wines. When I first tried wines, they all tasted like juice from rotten fruit to me. But I've grown to like them. However the dry wines still taste like rotten fruit to me. :P<br />
<br />
One of my very favorites comes from North Carolina (USA), it is a red wine called Hatteras Red. It is made from a variation of Concorde grapes. In fact I like everything that maker produces - they can be identified by the lighthouse on their picture.<br />
<br />
I also enjoy various berry wines, and my home state, Oregon, just happens to produce quite a variety. Loganberries are one of my favorite berries, and wine made from them is excellent too!<br />
<br />
Other wines I like are the pink wines, like California's famous White Zinfandel -- and Saké (rice wine), and none more so than Momokawa Saké.<br />
<br />
I once had an amazing Asian Pear Saké, and have not been able to get another bottle of it.<br />
<br />
I would like very much to try some new wines, as I have not had a chance to test a wide selection yet.

PS the movie was made for me and m husband. We were born in the mid 40's and were raised in California1<br />
<br />
Several of the scenes were straight out of our experiences!!<br />
Ha Ha! Who knew, our lives were portrayed on the big screen?<br />
R<br />
<br />

Hi, I know little about wines but my spouse studies them in Europe and here in California. He knows a ot about their development, history, and which one goes well with ths or that. <br />
<br />
I am SOOO lazy about figuring these things out. I like wines with no bite: it has to be smooth, slightly sweet, and mild yet fragrant.<br />
<br />
When it comes to what I want with my meal, it all depends on what I am having. <br />
<br />
I adore desert wines with desert and fine cappucino.<br />
<br />
I'll get a list put together in a couple days. This is not an easy task to explain!!<br />
<br />
Hope others join in on this one. We have a lot of great wine from which to choose!!<br />
<br />

Ah yes I know Ramsay...but not the J.Mauceri....I will have to look for it.<br />
<br />
Thanks. <br />
<br />
I have to admit being summer I have begun integrating cold sauvingon blancs into the mix....they cool me off!

I love pinot noir. . . no two ways about it. I was a loyal Qupe Syrah fan until I'm all about J. Mauceri Pinot Noir, and Ramsay Pinot Noir. I recommend them to anyone - they are so smooth!