I had too much wine ... It seemed like such a good idea last night... Best hangover cure?
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Sausage and egg sandwich. :) Please add me? lol

An ativan (lorazepam) if you or someone you know has one or any benzo will do, if not, a 20 0z red bull, a multivitaman, lots of water, a long hot shower and some ibuprophen and a bowl of soup.

Best hang over cure is more wine pmsl unless you got work of course never goes down well

"H2O!" -Waterboy

Won't help you now...but 2 glasses of wine...then some water....2 glasses of wine...then some water. Keeping hydrated is the key to a "Hangover free" next day!! Give it an hour or two...you will start to feel better!

Good ol mornin s3x!!!

Pho and ginger tea

Water. Lots and lots of water