Getting Hooked On the Good Stuff

When I was a teenager, my mom started dating. One longtime boyfriend would come over with two good bottles of wine and share one with my mom and us kids, and then send us kids off to a movie - his treat - while my mom cooked him one of her great meals and they drank the other bottle. The guy had style.

Given a chance, it was easy to tell that Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Pouilly Fuisse were really good, really different from the jug stuff.

Here's the funny thing: I've never been a heavy drinker. I think this early experience hooked me on quality over quantity from the get-go.
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I think, for many people there is a bottle that turns them. Your eyes light up and you think, "Oh this is soooo good." That's it. You're a gonner. It happened at a very young age for you. I was 28 when it happened. Up until that point I'd drink whatever someone ordered or served at their party. Then it happened. I cooked for a dinner party and looked up what type of wine to serve. Hmm, Pouilly Fusse. Never heard of it, but I went out and got it. Louis Latour Pouilly Fusse. Oh my. What had I been missing?<br />
<br />
Since then there have been many men in my life. Special honors got to: Sean Minor (what a Pinot Noir) Joel Gott (Oh, his Red Zin is a sin) Rodney Strong (Chalk Hill is to die for) and Dario V. Sattui I love every wine you have ever made.

Yes, he did have style!!!!! That is funny.

Neither is good for you!