Wine... Down

Think relaxing. Wine is soothing for me, I love nothing ore than siting in front of fire with a good glass of wine, unwinding after the day ends. I am still building my taste in wine. I am no expert I cant identify any wine by smell or even taste. I just know i love white wine, I still havent tried a good red wine, i know i would love red as well. I can apperciate the need to be snobby to some wine, they are not all great, i just found a really good white that works with me like velvet. I loook forward to experiencing all wines, at the moment I love chardonnay, a good one can be affordable as well.I recently discovered Pinot grigio veneto, an itallian wine that I am in love with, quite affordable, tastes of a calm, sweet and slightly sour breathe of fresh air, if that makes any sence (probably not :)

mashni mashni
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010