Champagne In A Can

Check this out. Champagne in a can. It even comes with a straw. I always wanted a woman who drinks champagne straight from the bottle, but theres nothing romantic about this. Still, it was fun. As usual, a woman at the store talked me into trying it.

mergelayers mergelayers
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I should write about it, you would never believe the soap opera that went on in this group. Really a great group, but all sorts of incredible turmoil happening every week. It was life and relationships in fast-forward.

I just googled Reichian therapy. Not so crazy. We all could probably benefit from a program like this.<br />
Thanks, I just learned something new! You should write a story about it.

If only those chandeliers could talk....<br />
Its funny you mention Marlene. We lived in her house in LA, in fact we got married at that house, up in the West Hollywood hills looking out over Sunset Blvd. Of course there was champagne, but no swinging from the chandeliers. At that time there were about 15 people living in the house, we all participated in the same Reichian therapy group. No I'm not making this up, people really did unusual things in those days.<br />
Actually the woman who inspired my champagne wishes was a graphic artist who designed wine labels (now theres a sexy job). She had a wild streak in her youth (her sister used to tell some stories!) and is now a grandmother but her legend lives on.

After last night, be thankful that I'm not the woman drinking that" champagne in a bottle". I don't know if the chandeliers could take another wild night!!!