it's beautiful to me. unfortunately there isnt snow where i live, but i make do . the sound of rain when i fall asleep [or even a good storm banging outside] is the most comforting sound [from nature] to me. the way that the dark settles in so swiftly is amazing.

in winter, some ppl say they feel more depressed, but i feel like its a time when ppl are most honest. in summer, everyone's always looking chipper and smiling, but who knows if thats what they really feel? are they just smiling to fit in? you can hide under the layers in winter, but i believe its harder to hide your feelings. i think its to do with the way that the harsh backdrop of winter makes ppl feel that no, life isnt always sunshine and roses, so its okay that i....[insert problem]. its definitely that way for me.

of course, being born in winter probably biased me! and just as a sidenote, did you know that firstborn siblings born in winter are likelier to live longer? i guess that's me!

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i absolutely hate winter. i have snow where I live. Its not all pretty days with perfect white snow. Lock yourself in a dark room and watch tv every single day and tell me then how much youd like it .I guess if you like being inside playing ps3 and not excersising youd love it. Life is the same every single day in the winter. all you have to look forward to is watching tv cause you cant go outside. winter is like going into a nursing home where you have to live in a sealed environment for 8 months out of the year. Ill take fresh air ,sunlight ,color ,freedom and life anyday over an artificial living environment.

**** my sisters gonna outlive me

Hrm...I think that's the Australian spring? Wow, that would be so amazing! enthusiasum is all set, just gotta work on the cash part! :P

If you want the sight of snow, then come to the EP party we're planning in Canada for the fall of 2008! It will be a total BLAST!!!

I completely agree with you! I have a winter birthday too, except I'm not the first born =P<br />
I don't have snow where I live, but I ABSOLUTELY love the rain.

ahh, for my eyes to be filled the sight of snow....if only! i assume you have snow where you live - lucky you!