Specially When It Snows

Nothing intrigues my emotions like winter. The cold weather, the white seen, the cloudy sky, I can't imagine anything more beautiful.

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9 Responses Mar 17, 2009

@ Good for you, Last year we had a lot of snow, but I think global warming has stroke us in winter!<br />
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@ Lunnas: thank you, I was starting to feel left alone in the cold! LOL. Winter is lovely.

I love winter too<br />
it looks like a peaceful paradice

I think just not being in a cold city makes me miss snow.

gee wait till it maims you then you might understand

Thanks, I always do as doctor orders. LOL.<br />
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I see most people don't like winter. Including my mom! she thinks it's trouble.

I love winter, if that's what you are asking.

what is wrong with you

Yes of course and the danger heightens the pinnacle of feelings and raises the pulse.<br />
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The thought of leaving home and breaking a leg adds to the adrenaline in blood.<br />
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I usually trip over anything, so I forgive the snow.<br />
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What's your favorite season?

and i can't think of anything more dangerous the slip slide and die from the ice or the thaw then freeze mess as it tires to melt <br />
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theres the snow that causes you to trip over things step in holes have wet cold feet from leaking shoes oh and the wet pant legs depending on the hight of the white crap