There It Is.

I will not put my name on this story, But I need to just say it , I love you, , I call you my friend, But I want so much more! I am so in love with you. You have no idea the depths of my feelings for you,. I wait , just for a few words from you, I know that it will never be ,I have accepted that , but I just needed to vent this . I act like I can live with it, I listen to you talk , When you talk about your wife tears run down my face , I am so glad that you cant see. That you cant see , how much it hurts when,you have to go due to family,How much my body needs, you, wants you.,, Dear God I love you so much. You will never know, I dream of you telling me that I am yours and that we will be ., But those are just dreams, sweet dreams but none the less dreams., I am looking for a partner, but, I keep looking for you, .. just you,
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Jan 23, 2013