Who are you to me? A stranger in my midst who I find so fascinating and interesting and yet when I'm with you it feels like I've known you forever. Your like a movie, where it's so damn interesting, I have no idea or clue on whats going to happen next. The funny thing is I don't ever want this movie to end. I want to replay you over and over again, it's that good. Your like a box office hit all rolled into one, action, thriller, comedy. You entertain me so much I never get bored. At times I think to myself It feels so surreal having deep feelings for someone new I've just met. I sometimes feel at a lost for words cause I don't want anything to get in the way of what we have. Our love is beyond the existence of this world, beyond the stars of our reach, beyond the boundary's of the entire galaxy and universe, until it reaches heavens gates. Some how our love feels too good to be true, it's so unreal. It's beautiful and deadly like a rose with thorns, sweet and delicate that it feels like it can die and wither at any moment. But I can't think that way cause it's like we were just meant to be, we both compliment each other really well. Built, crafted and structured it's like we were made and designed for each other. At night your like a beautiful dream I want to keep dreaming and I never want to wake, it's that beautiful. The scary thing is that I don't ever want our love to end, when something feels so good you don't want that feeling to ever end. This is how memories are created, they are designed in a way to help remember the feelings we have in that moment of time. Well I want that beautiful feeling to last for the both of us, I want to create memories of our love and passion. I want to create future memories of the happy times and sad, the good and the bad. But all in all as long as I get to see you in my past, present and future, that's all that matters....
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22-25, F
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I love you too!

wow thats really beautiful and deep

there is so much beauty in your simple words,,,