I had a buddy. His name was Jodge and he was one year older than me. So when I was born he was already there. But that was okay because I wasn't the type of kid to hurt puppies. Growing up, he was my protector the older brother I never lived with. If I was sad or crying he would comfort me and lick my tears away. Or he would snuggle into my side and I would hold him until all my pain went away. When my parents fought he would shelter me from the sounds. And when strangers thought of messing with me he would protect me from their leers.

So why is it my buddy, my older brother of sorts died when I was 10. That hardly seems fair to either of us. I miss his warmth and he was better than any other stuffed animal or pillow for comfort. He was the only anyone or thing I would let touch me without shivering at it.

Jodge is my wolf husky. And he was the most caring, loving, sweetest, animal you will or have ever met. And I miss him as if it were my brother I was mourning for.

I'll never forget Jodge.
relleaine relleaine
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010