I Adopted A Wolf

Wolves are the most beautiful creatures, loyal and magestic. And Surprise!!! I even have one.

I adopted him whe h was just a puppy, my uncle found him and his sister. A man killed their mother to protect his cows so I adopted him and my aunt adopted his sister.

He is such and incredible animal, he´s amazing and he´s even more obedient than my dog.
It´s not difficult to take care of him, in this country wolves are smaller and curious.

He is so amazing, it´s like he always knew what I´m thinking, if I´m sad no matter how happy I show myself or how much I ignore it, he knows it, and somehow i´s almost like he asked me about it.
He loves to run with me, specially when it´s raining, and he´s very respectfull, plus he´s a great guardian. He rests all night only where he can see through my window to make sure I´m safe, and he have made thieves run away from our home twice.

Maybe you ask yourself: "why doesn´t she let him free?"  But the reason is thet in this country there´s no respect for animals, there is nowhere here that he will be safe in. I really wish I could set him free someday, but if that happens it will not be here.
In this country man hunts everything for no reason, so I thank God I could save him.

He´s my best friend, he really is, I am so lucky.

Wolves are amazing.

There is another way to adopt one, there are people who look for volunteers to take care of wolf pups until they´re big enough to take care of theirselves.
The need as many people as possible. So if you are a volunteer google for the closest breding center.

Thanks for reading!!kiss
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

DONT DARE adopt a wolf unless you are willing to spend the rest of your life with that wolf. YOU will become their pack, and they will commit suicide, never eating or resting until they can find you again, should you dare to set them free. It is a death sentence to them. They know not how to hunt. It is too late to learn. Most humans are afraid of wolves and will call animal control to rid themselves of sharing the planet with even one starving wolf. That is a terrible burden to place on someone, it lasts as long as 16 years. Transfer of loyalty to another human after being dependent on a human pack-mate is the only other -- and difficult -- option, but it can be done well if both parties can agree to allow visits a couple times a year. The wolf wants to know it is okay, that you still like them. Once they feel this, then all is well. Maybe that is the luckiest outcome. But it is rare and utterly beautiful when it happens.

Wow your so lucky, I love wolves and I always will. It must feel great to have a wolf as a friend. I hope the wolf lives a long and happy life, and I'm sure he already is.