Such Beautiful Animals

I have always loved wolves.  I have a friend who has a license to raise wolves and I love going over to his house and listening to them and watching them.  I love to watch how they walk back and forth with their eyes on me watching my every move.  One of his female wolves had puppies back in December and he has asked if I would like to have one.  I have thought about it since I am a truck driver and the company I am with does allow pets on the truck.  I think I would like to have a little girl.  I have always heard that the female of the species is more protective.  I would probably also have to get a license to have her but I plan on getting her and having her fixed so I don't accidentally get puppies. lol  My friend has a neighbor that just moved up the mountain from him and he is always complaining about the wolves howling.  I would love to live close to him just to hear that.  It is such a beautiful sound.  He does sale the puppies but he makes sure that people know what they are getting into before they get a puppy.  He won't just sale them to anyone.  People think oh they are so cute but they seem to forget that it is a wild animal and it can turn.  He also has a pure white wolf who is so beautiful to watch.  He spoils his wolves too. lol  He buys chicken for them all the time from the grocery store and they get a quarter once a day then he will cook rice and mix it with their dog food everyday.  They are very happy, healthy animals and well taken care of.  He is the only one that can enter their cages though, they don't like strangers.  When a stranger comes up they pace back and forth and watch. 
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I adopted a hybird and he is smart as a whip and only loves me want let others near him. he is a hand full but i really love him.

I would give my life for the wolf species truthfully, I hope one day I can get a licence and be able to have a wolf. I already know the risks and still would love to have such a beautiful creature with me every day and be able to take care of it!

Now that I am back driving a Semi I did not get a pup. I have my one of my German Shepards on the truck with me right now. I will keep you updated though. I will see if my friend will let me take some pics of his wolves. He has one that is solid white. He is so pretty.

I would very much like to hear updates concerning this.<br />
Photos would be so cool...

Thank you for your comment.

Wow! Wish it was me. :) Did you see the show about living with wolves? It was so cool. I envy you. Take care of your pup and have a wonderful day! Hugs

If she ever does hurt me trust me she won't pay. If she does turn I will find a good wolf rescue or a zoo for her. I won't put her down. I believe that if she does turn then it was my own stupidity not hers. I could never put an animal down for only following it's instinct.

There is always a danger to having a wild animal but if you love and take care of them then it might not turn out so bad. These wolves have all been hand raised but when they get older instinct does kick in. There is a lady in our area that is a rescue for wild animals and she has six tigers. People get them as kittens and think oh how cute and then when they get older and something happens or someone gets hurt they don't understand.