I have had 4 pet wolves in my life time so far. And I can tell you out all of the pets I have ever had they are the BEST!!!!! My last one her name was Shiloe. I got her because the kid who bought her couldn't keep her any more because she was a puppy ( and he wasn't working with her and they are very playful) well she phused over his Grandfather fish tank and ate the fish. Well you can guess what happen. Grandfather got mad, he had,had the fish for about 25yrs so the wolf had to go or be shot. I live out in the country on 3 ar. of land so I got the pleasure of the owership of being her new Mom.She was the best thing to come in to my life . For the next 8years we shared many fun filled times. She went to school for show and tell. The kids loved her. So any time anyone says they do not make good pets, I show them my Shiloe , Bandit, Cowboy and Lonestar. And I tell them the stories of the gentness they always showed. Sleeped with my cats. Loved my Kids. With love and training they can be the best! When I can my next big aninmal will be another wOLF.
51-55, F
Oct 14, 2012