Cry At Night

at night i always cry
while looking at the moon and sigh
at the forest i go
and where i always roam

i want to be a wolf who is always free
and going anywhere and climbing trees

i think im part wolf because i growl at someone when im mad
i cant control my anger so i always cry just to prevent me from getting angry
i can howl like a wolf and feeling i have a connection with them while i howl and
look at the moon even there is no wolves in our country
i can hear there beautiful howls for some people its just a cry
but for me its a music that is being sung by a wild but beautiful animal
im so grateful that my dog is 40% wolf and 60% dog
thank u mom for letting him stat

- alpha wolf
abetzi wahya
wahyawolf wahyawolf
13-15, F
Dec 3, 2012