I've just ordered the documentaries 'living with wolves' and 'wolves at our door' since I missed them on TV, can't wait to see them.

These beautiful, misunderstood creatures are still being killed wherever there are still some left in the wild, it's disgusting.  There is not a single account of a wolf ever having killed a human.

One day I hope to spend some time doing volunteer work at Mission Wolf in Colorado : www.missionwolf.com
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I love both those documentaries, they're actually my favorites. I hope one one day wolves get the chance someday to live for a day unafraid of being hunted or killed

Some friends and I volunteered at Mission Wolf this last summer. It is the best run operation and has the nicest, kindest people helping to run it that I ever saw. Be sure to bring lots of food so you can camp in the rough - set up a small tent. Dry stuff in closed containers helps keep out the ants. Bring enough food to share - your friends will love you more! It is 13 miles to the nearest store down a dirt road. Be sure to donate some $$ for the educational tours if you can - they go all out to visit lots of states and make a big difference to the kids as well as adults. Don't let 3 years go by without tying to fulfill your dreams. Be proactive - live life - and go out there ready to lend a hand and learn about wolves!