Razzle and Dakotah

When I met my husband, he had 2 wolves. A mother and her omega pup. He raised the mother, Dakotah, from a tiny pup acquired from a breeder. She was about 95% wolf, hybrid.

When she was 4 years old she mated with another mostly wolf hybrid but also with a black lab. Her 8 pups all looked wolf but were Lab temperment. All were placed in good homes but for 2. The alpha pup and omega pup. Dakotah was alpha and fought with her alpha pup when she was grown up. The alpha pup had a fatal fall from a cliff when my husband took her camping.

Dakotah was closely bonded with my husband. When he brought me home to them, the 3 year old omega pup, Razzle, claimed me for her own. She did things for me that she wouldn't do for my husband. She defended me from strangers and other dogs. She protected me when I slept. She loved me deeply, as I loved her.

When I think of her, I'm thinking of another person I knew well and communicated with deeply. I was honored to have lived with these fantastic, sentient beings for 8 years until they both passed on.

Wolves are the original canid. The first canine to choose to befriend humanoids. The first canine from which all other breeds are descendant. They calculate and reason. They mate for life. They have tight family units. They cooperate to survive.

When they accept you into their pack, nothing can replace that feeling. You are marked as theirs and defended as another one of them would be.

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wolfs can never be real pets i know becaus they always stay wild they wil love and protect you and trust and respect you but wil never see you as there master they are there own master and wil only do thing for you if they trust you enough to take you in there pack there family you can take them in your house and feed them and walk them but if they dont see you as a part of there pack then they dont trust nor respect you but once you gained there love and trust and respect as a full member of there pack they wil do anything for you but wil never let you be there master<br />
this may sound bad to some people but isnt it beter to let the wild animals be wild instead of taking them out of there home and making them listen to our rules

This is a rambling and juvenile comment to post on my story. You are wrong on all counts. Simply your opinion and I completely disagree. You are invited to write your own story, not ramble inanely here.

thats an amazing story..ive always loved wolves..theyre so beautiful and strong...you're very lucky to have had that experience with them.

Leisa- please don't dishonor this story with anything about the disgraceful woman known as Sarah Palin. There are groups to discuss her idiocy. It is NOT hunting when done from a helicopter. Wolves don't thin herds of anything. There are not enough wolves in existence to do that with regularity. Write about Palin elsewhere.

Dakotah had just the one litter. Razzle never mated. <br />
<br />
Thanks everyone, for all the sentiments. I miss them both daily.

I love your story and your comments. I feel like I know a bit more about wolves now, and about Sarah Palin's killer policies. I don't think hunting is bad, but killing off natural predators is. It's the balance of nature, Sarah! <br />
And ranchers, they should let the wolves cull their herds, what is wrong with that? It is natural! Profiteers suck, no matter how they profit, it is always at the expense of a species.<br />
I'm glad Palin is no longer governor of Alaska. Even Alaskans hated her, why would we want her in higher office of the federal government? No way! She should slink away in shame and never show her face again.

Dakotah, the mama wolf had just the one litter which resulted in Razzle (the others were placed in responsible homes, one on his own ranch in Idaho). But Razzy never had a mate, so no litters. We'd still have at least one of her pups if she had. Thanks for the comments. :)

Beautiful story :) I wish such meaningful bonds with animals were common practice these days. Did either of the females have more litters before they passed?

I don't claim to be an expert or researcher but I have read a lot and seen many documentaries of their behaviors. In their pack hierarchy, there is sometimes a lone wolf outcast or overthrown from the alpha position. These would have been the ones to seek or accept a pack of humans to cooperate with for survival. Left alone, wolves eat mice and rabbits for sustenance.<br />
<br />
Nothing beats being chosen and adopted by such a being. And seeing in their eyes how they are contemplating, thinking, reasoning as an intelligent sentient being.<br />
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I saw again, a news clip of how Palin is still offering bounty for wolf paws in Alaska, encouraging helicopter hunting and justifying ranchers to slaughter them. The Bush Agmin removed the wolf from a 35 year stint on the Endangered Species List as a favor to ranchers but Obama's Admin halted that act and restored them to the List. So Palin is illegally allowing their destruction from the wild.<br />
<br />
The arguments are null and void. If a species can still be tracked with a head count, then there's FAR TOO FEW of them to be considered as a 'restored' population.<br />
<br />
The wolf has always been one of the few North American predators that keeps nature's balance. The wolf deserves continued protection, in spite of however many cattle or sheep are lost by ranchers. <br />
<br />
Before Europeans infected this country, the inhabitants lived in harmony with wolves. The human over development into wild territories and human population sprawl is not a worthy argument against the wolf. Just my humble opinion.

Wolves were the first canid. Cavemen worked with them to take down large prey. Wolves adopted cavemen. Wolves were treated as part of the hunting team, it served the wolf as well and the friendship was born. <br />
<br />
The emergence of 'domesticated' dog breeds wasn't for another few thousand years. What breeds have been morphed in the last 100 years is ridiculous to me, legs so short they can't jump, ears so long they drag, fur so silly it tangles. These dogs could not live without humans. Pocket-dog breeds that need sweaters are an atrocity that cats could easily beat up. It only serves human vanity, no place in the scheme of nature and created by intervention of humans into the breeding of these mutants.<br />
<br />
I can't explain the full evolution for you but I know wolf skeletons were buried in caves next to cavemen, adorned with beads and these companions drawn on walls.

What a touching story. I can only hope to experience something like that.<br />
But are you sure about wolves being the first canine to be domesticated?<br />

Thank you, Everybody! <br />
I am grateful to have this received so warmly.<br />
Those years are so very precious to me. <br />
I will try to get a photo uploaded onto this site with my scanner. The digital pix I have are too large for EP. I would love for everyone to see their faces and look into their eyes.

I had a recent encounter with a wolf and his human companion. I remember marveling at the two communicating and at the mutual respect they had for each other.<br />
<br />
I can't possibly imagine how honoured you must have felt from having been adopted by a wolf.<br />
<br />
That one short experience has forever changed my life.

Wow, that is amazing. I always wondered about wolf pets.. you just proved to me that not only is it possible, it's a privilege!