I am not the biggest fan of domesticated dogs. Alright, that's a lie, I hate domesticated dogs. I find many of them to be obnoxious little creatures, especially the ones that are small enough to be a football and never shut their mouths. In all honesty the only dog breeds I like are Alaskan malamutes, because they remind me of wolves.

It is no surprise that wolves are nothing like domesticated dogs. Wolves have a terrible, unjust rap in human history and have been greatly been misunderstood by people. In recent years, they have gained a lot of popularity. Through the years, I have developed an absolute love for wolves, and learned about their behavior. I grew up telling my peers and parents that one day I would become a wolf biologist (didn't really stray to far from that path) Yet, I never even saw one before and I will always lack a full understanding of them until I see them in the wild.

Today, I met a supposedly domesticated wolf in a small rural town, and he was beautiful. Being young and not even fully grown, the young wolf pulled his owner with excitement to play with my malamute. My dog stood baffled, she rarely met dogs larger than her and at over a 100 pounds, she found herself dwarfed. She knew instantly that this wolf was not an every day dog. Some how she knew the wolf, for the most part, was unaltered in blood by humans. It was an animal she would normally fear, much like the wild coyote packs in the area. Of course that didn't change the fact that she wanted to be the dominate dog and displayed the most usual behavior of playful movements and whimpering.

The owner told us the wolf was rescued, from what situation I do not know, and lived his life in captivity. He serves an important role as part of a search and rescue dog team and advocates for a better understanding toward wolves. His owner often walks the wolf in public areas to help people be less afraid of wolves.

I watched the wolf, and saw his how he both held raw energy to run with unrest yet kept himself in complete calmness. He reacted so kindly to the people often crowding him in both awe and fear, children petting him nervously, and dogs walking by barking with excitement. He was gentle to my touch, and often replied to my gestures for him to approach me so I may pet him. While the owner talked to me, I wondered if the canine was genuinely a wolf, or a hybrid. Is it possible this man is making stuff up? When I looked into his eyes, however, I saw something far more brilliant than I saw in dogs eyes. Even though he was domesticated, he held more awareness and intelligence then artificially selected dog breeds. Nothing seemed to pass his attention. His coat contain no texture or color patten in any dog I have seen, and only vaguely matched my own dogs coat. He looked lean and strong, and meant to run free. As far as I know, he seemed happy, free from hunters and treats. I could not help but feel a little bit sad this wolf could not live in the wild.

I hope to one day I gain the opportunity to see wolves in the wild. Animal behavior fascinates me, and I have watched many animals, but perhaps I could observe and learn new wisdom from the wolves.
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Aug 23, 2014