Before I Die

people may think me abit weird, but oh well , here goes.

Before i die, i want to sit in amongst a pack of wolves.  There is a pack in relative captivity in the next county and theres a chap who sits in with them and its my ambition to do the same .

I think they are wonderful creatures.

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Sitting next to the pack of wolves might be the thing that kills you.

Absolutely understand! <br />
I have done so much research on the Canis Lupus species that I could practically live as an Omega and build up. It is my dream to become a Biologist/ Zoologist. And have the chance to live amongst the most wonderful and complicated species in the flesh. But nope, I am just a child with a head full of future, sitting behind a computer, setting up an organization and my own virtual and detailed pack. I am even writing a book about wolves in their way of seeing things. <br />
<br />
Those who can see the same, can live the same. A great saying. <br />
<br />
It's not just the beauty of the beast that intrigues me, it's the skeletal structures, their brain, there muscles, their pelts, their eyes. So many things all link together in advantages and skills. And strangely, for some scientists, it is uncertain if a wolf has their own mind and their own conscious that sets them strait. If it is either nature, chemical, or actually them driving them to success. <br />
<br />
But there is one thing that links humans and wolves together. They live in packs. And those packs stay strong. And for some humans, their soul is a wolf that has bean reborn as man. And will soon have another chance of being a wolf again once that human dies. The wolf is living the life of their number one destroyer, Man. Once they get a feel of man. They become much closer to their own being, the Gray Wolf Species.<br />
<br />
In my thoughts, the wolf that becomes man is killed by man. And is re-birthed as a human. That Wolf that becomes Human forgets their past because they have been scarred to the point of being destroyed by their own being. Giving the Wolf now Human see what it feels like to be a man in the flesh.<br />
<br />
From the words of the one that thinks~ Suta

I want to be with a wolf pack & howl with them for my last minutes of life.That's like a dream come true

I, too love Wolves, infact we have two fr<x>amed prints on the master bedroom walls, there is something magical about them, spiritual, they are the grand daddy of the canine family, (in my opinion). Thee is a lot for humans to learn from animals, and the wolf has the book of life internally.

Hopefully the woves won't get hungry after you die...

hey you know I tell the truth, NOWAY I have 2 rottwillers they are just big babies and a half lab and half dalmation come sit with mine first hahahah just kidding I get it its the sprit and calmness your talking about rightrw

I think that would be the most beautiful experience anyone could experience. I know I would love to do it.

sounds like we both have a secret death wish... i think wolves are probably a tad more predictable than great white sharks!!!<br />
good luck anyway.

Good luck. Nothing weird about that. I wouldn't wear a pock chop necklace, but I think it would be cool too.<br />
<br />
I want to swim with a great white shark. I've even priced it out and know where I need to be and what I need to do. I don't want to wear a pork chop necklace either. :P