Beautiful Creatures

    I have alwayed loved wolves ever since I was a child. But my first time actually seeing one is something i will never forget.  It was about maybe 2 or 3 years ago when me, my ex, his parents, and our kids went camping up north. We were staying at a campground near Sunrise and Greer. It was morning and I went out looking around when I heard this sound. I couldn't believe I could hear anything with the generator going on. But I hear it, a howl. I ran to my ex father-in-law's truck and got his binoculars and ran down towards the fence area.I looked towards the trees to see if I could find what it was. And there it just walk out, a wolf. It was so exciting! I wanted to call my kids but I didn't want to leave. I watched it walk for awhile and then I whistled to see if it would turn to me. It stopped and turn to look back for a few seconds, then turned back and started walking into the trees. Atfer it left, I ran back and told everybody. Me and my ex took off on one of the 4-wheelers to the lake to hang out. We were just talking when we heard it howling and it was just so close that it gave me chills. The wolf was just right in the trees that were a little ways behind us.


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1 Response Apr 10, 2010

Wow, a real life encounter with a wolf, I wish I was there to see it :/