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Like My Husband In Panties An Lingerie

I love making my husband wear panties, making him wear satin panties is my favorite. We actually go shopping together for panties and often pick out matching ones. We get some funny smiles at the checkout when paying since we both wear a different size. Feeling him through the panties turns me on so much, and he loves being teased until he is twitching in his panties, I love bringing him to the edge by running my hands over the front of his panties and then letting him cool off before going back and doing it again. I also enjoy licking him through panties, he usually ends up exploding in the panties when I do this, I love how excited he gets when wearing panties, seems that more and more woman are realizing just how many men enjoy panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple 26-30 9 Responses Nov 15, 2010

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I wish my wife was into me wearing lingerie as much as yours. Your story go me so turned on. You are so lucky

Thats very hot! Lucky you both enjoy it!

he is very lucky to have you

Really enjoyed reading you post , you and your wife sound like are living it to the fullest

My wife lets me wear panties but not when we are "in bed"

i think i luv wife lets me wear but seldom participates

Havent i said in some of my past stories, he wears lingerie better than some women do gr8 - even me sometimes

She is right, it does get me really horny.

Love this story cos it reminds me of how horny my hubby gets in his panties. <br />
Love your profile too - so similar to our interests