How It Started For Me

I was in a beach section of an large city when I passed a shop having a sale on the sidewalk. Seems they were closing after many years so I looked over some of the old stuff they were selling. I suddenly saw the cutest panties i have ever seen, several of them. There were boxes of them. All sheer and real sexy, so sexy I had never worn sexy panties like them. Well I bought a bundle of them and wore one that night with this guy I was dating. He sort of lifted my skirt a bit to rub my thigh as we sat having a drink by the sea side when he caught a view of my panties. He just about lost his breath, he was stunned by the sheer sexy little thing. He was so turned on a huge bulge was more than apparent in his pants as he tried to talk and get other looks at my panties. Well, I can't tell you here about the rest of the night but I can say that from then on I knew that alot of guys loved panties, the sheer sexy kind with sexy gathered lace trim.
So I wear them all the time and I love it.

More later
BobbyJo4u BobbyJo4u 70+ 6 Responses Dec 18, 2010

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would you to let me try them on and give you a show!

You are quite right, BobbyJo4U. boys do love panties. i would never want to wear anything BUT panties ever again.

panties are the best!! <br />
i think they're the perfect flirting tool! they're just so sexy<br />
and what they hide, make it more interesting =)<br />

Nice story Bobby Jo. Would love to see the video.

Actually Bill they were even sexier panties than My profile picture, wait 'till I upload a video. If I ever figure out how to do that here.<br />
Plus I'll post a picture in My albums of the very panties I wore when I found out how much boys love panties. <br />
xxx<br />

If you were wearing panties that looked anything like the ones on your profile picture, well, I certainly don't blame him for the bulge! Very nice!<br />
And welcome to EP, Bobby Jo!