The Best Of Both Worlds

I love to dress in women's underwear. I don't want to put on a wig or makeup or go out, but the feel of those beautiful sexy things that we have always bought to decorate my lovely wife turn me on so much, that I want to feel them on me. She and I dress together sometimes; panties, hose, garters, bra, etc and, though it took a while for her to come to terms with my desires in this regard, she fully "gets" me. I am a straight male, who loves to be with my beautiful wife. She knows me as a loving partner who is all male, but sometimes dresses in women's things - it really is that simple.
To say she "enjoys" it when I dress is probably more accurately described as she enjoys seeing me excited, rather than her enjoying some lesbian or TS fantasy.
We enjoy all manner of role playing and I frequently write and read her erotic stories.
The real key to great sex is (as so many have said before) is all in your mind; fantasy, variety, respect, openness and trust all working together make for extraordinary intimacy and incredible sex.
And yes, I love women who let their men wear lingerie because I believe they are smart, imaginative, sexy and confident.
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My mistress/ wife rinally got used to my fetish I guess. Now pretty much I wear lingerie aound the house. And when she is dominant. She oo will wear als8. We do not do in front of every one but some know. And take pleasure in. Teasing me. A sissy boy. How asurd. But they qre very tolerant to me ans maybe it was tenacity. Orthey reqlized my har Dr core desire. But mostly all is cool now. Good luck to you ou AND your wife. Sissy tom

I am curious if you have any tips for me? I was on a business trip two years ago and on a late night call told my girlfriend that I would like it if she made me wear panties. We talked about it and it started with a pair of her Body by Victoria's in blue, but quickly manifested to her buying me a smaller size in hot pink and dots. She giggles and has fun with it, but probably more that I am enjoying it. I have seen websites like HommeMystere where they sell bras and panties, even teddies for me and I love the idea. Not ever where anyone else can see, or at least well hidden if we go out because I have no desire for a wig or makeup or dress, much like you, but the thought of her putting me in thigh highs is very sensual. She is very indifferent and has said that this might be outside her boundaries. Any suggestions? I don't want to push her and risk what we have, but I feel like its a part inside me I really want to express. Thanks for the input.

I can only wish! What a dream.Lucky you

I have had 2 wife's and a G/F all of them liked me in lingerie My first wife asked me to wear her panties on our honeymoon,I protested some (I had never thought about trying panties)but she wanted me to try them I did and got real hard she said looks like you kinda like the way they feel and she took some pix then she wanted to try more panties well we ended up with me trying on all her panties and deciding to go and buy some of my own.

Congrats on your loving and supportive relationship. I too was lucky to meet someone who was encouraging. It makes all the difference. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I have just come clean to my wife about wearing lingerie. I have done it in secret for some years. We now have sex after me wearing that evening under my male clothing. The sex is great as I love the felling of the lingerie on my skin, I am also more amorous and into pleasuring her when I am dressed.

Most women if they love you do understand. Y8u just are scared to tell them. I say try it. If it rw7ses hell. Try to decease or cuf bsack. You are hidingg now lter wont matter to much. I WOULD TAKE TIME TO acept. Give chance also. After all is a shock to her too. Set down expain your LOVE. Then your desire and how you wanr ir ro work for you bot. Not jut sided

Make HER the center of it all ******* qttention you name it. Se will see her little male les

You are on te right road. HONESTY. You qnd her. She may not be crazy about at first. But it is only clothes

I have the same type of relationship with my wife,

I have the same type of relationship with my wife, Thank god for women like them!

its great to have a woman whom loves to see a man feel sexy

Wish there were more like her. Congrats. Sissytom63

Thanks. I prefer not to post pics. imagination is better.

good on you both..why not enjoy are not harming anyone!!!! sent us some pic of you....