My Wife And I Share Underwear Drawers

I have a huge bra fetish and I also enjoy wearing panties. My wife was very skeptical as to whether she would like her man doing that when I told her, but she kept an open mind and let me wear stuff during sex. She saw how much it turned me on and she figured out how hot she got from turning me on like that, as well as how much she enjoyed seeing me wear stuff. After a while, I ended up having more bras than her. She started wearing mine around because she liked a lot of them better than the ones she had. I told her that it was only fair that I could wear hers too. We began sharing underwear from there. She and I will go bra shopping together and buy matching bras. She will pick out one of our bras for me to wear all day. One of our favorite things to do is pick out a bra for each other for the day. She never imagined how much fun she would have sharing her underwear with her husband, but it is defiantly her fetish now too. I never thought I'd find a woman so understanding and kinky as me. I love my naughty wife!
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5 Responses Mar 5, 2011

This is a great story I wish my wife was as accepting. I love to wear all types of lingerie.

That is great and you and your wife sound a lot like my wife and me. Fortunately we are just about the same size. It started with lingerie, borrowing from one another and then wearing matching lingerie on the same day. Since we know as well as we can see and feel it throughout the day, it is a real rush ... and it most often leads to some real fun time when we both get home from work. But now we share wardrobes too, borrowing from each other ... a girl can never have too many choices in what to wear, can we? ;-)

I got my BF to wear panties once as a joke and I couldnt believe how sexy he looked in them and now her has more panties than I do. I wish we could share but I wear a 5 and he wears a 9. I sometimes will wear a pair of his and then he likes wearing them after I have. We have expanded his wardrobe so much. I love snuggling to him in a nighty and as so many have said. His sex when he is dressed is so much more powerful and hot. He says its because he feels sexy when he is wearing something sexy. I lay out all of his panties and bras for him baily. On most days we both just spend the dday ion a panty and bra.

My wife is constantly borrowing my panties, I have far more femme clothes than her. Like you my wife reaps the bennies of being married to a hetero cross dresser. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

And so you should! This is so precious; having your wife share is wonderful, because you have someone right with you who appreciates you for what you are. Thanks for sharing.