I Am A Woman Who Loves To See Man In Panties

I would love it if a man wore HIS (not Mine) lacy panties under his regular clothes.

It is such a turn on to know that he likes the different colors, fabrics and styles.

Of course, if he is naughty, then I would pull his panties down and spank his ***.

And when he is good, I will pull his panties down and **** his *** with my strap on.

I adore seeing good looking White men in panties and stockings.

ladygodiva110 ladygodiva110
41-45, F
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Nothing ever disrespectful. I applaude you for letting him be feminine. And he for being smart and gutsy. Bless you.

I wil wear sexy lace lingerie for you,and a nice skirt and blouse,how bout we met at motel and i dress up for you

Hi ladygodiva110, I know several women that like seeing me in panties but I have not yet met a woman that has asked me to wear her panties. That would be a huge turn on for me. Most of the women that I have known wear panties and I always explore their interest in lingerie but not have had what I would deem a panty fetish. Maybe I am just not looking in the right places! I have met a woman recently that really enjoys the fact that I am bi. She loves to watch me with another guy and she also like to **** me with a strap on ****....and she is extremely good with it, I might add. I love waaring panties and showing off the bulge. It does attract quite a bit of attention. I am glad to know that there is a woman like you that enjoys seeing a guy in your panties! Tris

Uh, ok. You can post your confession in EP's confession section and not within my story. Thank you.

Congratulations ladygodiva110 for putting this important story out there as it supports our love of wearing panties from a womans perspective. I love wearing soft silky nylon and lace panties and wear panties 7 days a week. I no longer wear mens cotton underwear. They do not rate by comparison to womens panties. Even when i go running regularly for exercise i wear womens seamless nylon panties under my spandex running pants. Love the feeling of a smooth bottom when i run. <br />
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Thank you ladygodiva110. Ladies like you are a gem.<br />
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Hugs,<br />
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You're welcome.

I wear panties and other lingerie everyday in fact that is all I own, I have tossed out everything else decades ago. My wife likes to see me in panties and lingerie, it isn't as unusual as it once was thought. I like the styles, fit, materials, and the more lace the better. I go to the Dr wearing panties since I don't own anythingelse I have to or go commando. The sexier and lacier the better.

I would love to wear my panties for you. As for your panties I would love to just see them on you! Can we be friends. If I am a bad boy you can pull my panties down an spank me.

I know my wife likes me in both panties and stockings. She hates that one day a year I go for my physical and have to put on that pair of male underwear that I keep for such occations

BBJ, you would be amazed at how much doctor's don't care. They really have seen it all.

Fabulous...<br />
And it's so easy to get any guy into panties using the power of femininity<br />
Hugs<br />

Wow I'm trying to see if there's even a group for women who like men in lingerie or something just to see how many there might be. I wish my girlfriend would be more ok with me wearing it all the time and I'd like it if she did too. <3 Glad to find one woman.

There's a lot more of us out there than you realize.

I tried messaging you. I am finding out that my girlfriend is not accepting of me wearing women's clothes and I am wondering if you know any good ways of finding women who are.

Rsunouri1, that is her loss not yours. You will find someone who accepts your choices in undergarments.

Alice, I'm glad that your wife and you have some wonderful interests together. She seems like a very fun woman indeed.

my wife shares much of the same sentiments as yours. except, my wife also has a "thing" for various forms of public exposure. often causing her to enjoy sexual pleasure right then and there!<br />
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i just wish i could risk not wearing my diapers more often, and go out enjoying the cool sensations of panties under my skirt more often.<br />
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thanks for bringing this subject out.<br />
<br />

Invited you as a friend - hope you enjoy the pictures

Jake you are a dear which is why I accepted you into my inner circle.