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The Perfect Afternoon Date, Mani/pedi, Lunch, And Then Its Off To Victorias Secret!

A couple of years ago a person from my past contacted me. It was completely out of the blue. We got together and spent some time and made love the first night we were together and let me just say, It was the most awkward session Ive ever had. And to think that we used to have a wonderful and full sex life when we were younger was actually pretty funny in retro.
After that weekend as we were packing, I took one pair of her VS panties home with me. I had tried on a couple of her items while she would shower or leave the area for a brief time throughout the weekend.This ignited a passion that I had long sense dismissed due to the resistance, hostility and belittling from my former Spouse.
The following Monday, i asked if she was missing anything, and she acknowledged she was. so I told her I had accidentally packed them and she giggled saying "Oh Sure You Did". At that point I knew this was going to the opening to a door long sense closed. (Not 100%, but damn close). After our 2nd outing, I confessed that I loved to wear silky and lace panties and sleepwear, at which she responded by purchasing me a black silky Cami, matching panties , and a robe to finish the look. I was so happy and over joyed that a woman had accepted me and actually purchased a wonderful gift for me. It was the beginning of our life together.
Today we share our pantie drawer due to us both being the same size. We jokingly argue over who will wear what and have had such a wonderful time with this. She had turned me on to another area that I now Love, We will go out for a Mani and Pedi just like the 2 BGF that we are, have lunch and of course, hit Vickie's!! Then its of to home to model our new found treasures for each other as we tumble into bed silk against silk. I have to say that I have found the most Perfect Woman anyone with my Kinks could ever find. Actually, She found me.
Nicole53 Nicole53 46-50, M 7 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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What a fantastic story your so lucky

Good deal, sounds like you found the right one, I am still working out the kinks let's say, but still very successful in a joint relationship.

Sounds wonderful dear - I would love to have a SO that would appreciate a spa day together like it sounds you two do.

We do enjoy our time out and about. We also enjoy other outtings like a MLB game and a cold beer. Just depends where our moods take us that day..

I am so happy for you and your wife :)

I would love to get a mani and pedi with my spouse. I really want a pedi with a nice bright colour.

Thank you Sincerly rndmn1960! We are really enjoying life at this point and we are both to old to start looking again.<br />
Please contact me if you have some time.<br />
Best!<br />

Awesome and good for both of you!